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Facsimile of "A panorama of rivers and mountains" 

Ink and color on silk

 1191.5 * 51.5 cm


Artist Bio

Zhang Junxian

Born in 1939, Zhang Sezai, his father's landscape painter, associates with Xu Beihong. He was Li Keran's disciple, member of Chinese Artists Association, director of China Academy of Art (Beijing), director of China Contemporary Art Association (Beijing). He ended his studies in 1962 and entered the Wuhan Traditional Painting Society with his father. During the more than 40 years of working in the Wuhan Traditional Painting Society, more than 20 years have been drawing antique paintings.His ink paintings were influenced by Li Keran, Xu Songan, and Deng Shaofeng. They were rich in conception, grand layout, magnificent, and delicate brushwork. On the basis of inheriting the style of Li Keran ink painting, they formed their own unique "Zhang style". Especially in the past ten years, bold innovation and development have been carried out on the basis of inheriting traditional ink and wash techniques, making his works not only dripping and full of tension, but also full of rhythm. His works have been collected by the State Council Jingxi Hotel, Bank of China, Hubei Art Museum, Taiwan Forbidden City and other institutions.


Artist spent 3 whole years to finish this work. It is the only one whole copy of The Thousands miles of mountains and rivers 

Zhang Junxian's Retrospective Exhibition of Painting Art, 2014, Wuhan Art Museum

"Five Hundred Arhats Map" (Taiwan's nearly 100-year-old political elder Chen Lifu, Jiang's second son Jiang Weiguo Dean of Taiwan Academy of Sciences Wu Dakai and other dignitaries have written inscriptions to praise), 2014, Taiwan Forbidden City

Song of the Soul "European Exhibition of Ink Art Works, 2017, Florence, Italy

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