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Yukon Collection and Gallery is the leading promoters and sponsors of the Chinese experimental ink and wash movement .                                                   

                                                 —— —— Pi Daojian “What I know about the "Experimental Ink and Wash" Movement”

Yukon collection & gallery (圆照堂) establishing in HK 


Yukon collection & gallery sponsored Chinese artists to participate in the 14th Asian Art Exhibition


sponsored the publication of "The History of Black and White: Contemporary Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash 1992-1999" (Hubei Art Publishing House). The artists include Zhang Yu, Liu Zijian, Shi Guo, Yan Binghui, Zhang Jin, Yang Zhilin, Yang Jinsong, Wei Qingji


Sponsored the publication of 

Liu Zijian: the Modern Ink Artist of the 21st Century China

(Hubei Publishing House)

Hosted “Ink and Light ---- Liu Zijian Experimental Ink Painting Exhibition”

(Beijing International Art Gallery)

Sponsored the Publication of Opening Chinese Experimental Ink Painting

(Hong Kong Milkyway Publication)

Sponsored the Publication of China Today Art Book Series --- Wei Qingji

(World Culture Books)


Sponsored the Publication of Chinese Experimental Ink Painting 1993-2003

(Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House)

Hosted “Ink Rhythm --- China Modern Ink Exhibition”(China Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Sponsored the Publication of The War of Ink that Involves More than One - The History of an Experimental Ink Artist (Liu Zijian, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House)


Sponsored the Publication of Liu Zijian in Contemporary Art World --- The History of An Experimental Ink Artist( Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House)


Sponsored the Publication of Catalogue of Works by Faculty from Art Department of Shenzhen University

(Shenzhen Press Group Publishing House)


Relaunching their involvement in the art world around the world (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Osaka, Boston)


Chinese contemporary art calls for the pioneering spirit and exploration that is rooted in Chinese culture.

The Yukon Collection & Gallery was established in 1997 in Hong Kong. Yukon focuses on the development and trend of Chinese contemporary ink art, and has made its contribution to the proceeding of contemporary ink art. The Yukon Collection & Gallery invites diligent and insightful scholars and critics as academic hosts, by whom a group of influential and representative artists are selected out and studied in depth, in which way to analyze the current status and to predict the future of ink art, and to promote the development of Chinese ink art.

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